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About Bibtech             Terms of Trade

Bibtech is the new name for an organization and a collection of individuals whom all have long standing experience in global telecommunications and infrastructure projects. Registered in 2007 to take on the emerging opportunities in the telco space, our business links a consortium of Professional Engineering, Design Contracting, Manufacturing, and Procurement and Funding under a single umbrella organization to be able to take on local and Global Telecommunications Projects and Infrastructure Rollout.

Satisfied customers and suppliers are testament to the outstanding performance of Bibtech and its partner companies. Our international line up of satisfied clients reflect Bibtech’s understanding of client needs and timelines and the ability to deliver.

Suppliers rely on Bibtech’s detailed working knowledge and industry contacts to ensure key technologies and products are applied to appropriate markets and projects.

Bibtech connects suppliers, products and technologies to end clients in order to offer premium solutions in the telecommunications sector.