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Bibtech Services

Professional engineers, network designers and business analysts experienced in all aspects of telecommunications, IT designs and service integration.

Bibtech Offers Our Clients

• Detailed Needs Analysis
• Technology Briefing & Evaluation
• Total Project Management & Systems Integration
• Networks Design & Implementation
• Remote Telecommunications Site Installations
• Total QOS Benchmarking • The right Product & Technology Solutions


Professional advice that delivers the right solution is critical and never has this been more so than in today´s increasingly complex business environment. Bibtech knows global business! Our experience and partnerships across a wide range of international projects positions our organization as a leading provider in the telecommunications markets spanning across Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.
Bibtech brings together the expertise and industry experience to deliver the business solution you need in the location of your choice. Our consultants have undertaken telecommunications consulting and project management assignments across multiple continents often in extreme conditions, for Industrial, Government, Telcos / Carriers and Service Providers. We understand how and when to offer relevant technologies and what the implications are on your business. The convergence of technologies is changing how global businesses work. Bibtech has the commercial and engineering skills to allow you to best use these technologies to gain a competitive edge for your business. Bibtech understands that the success of your organization in the future depends on the technology and commercial decisions you make today.

Business Advisory Services

• Strategic Planning
• Market Overview & Analysis
• Telecommunications Research
• Carrier license Applications
• Financial Modeling
• Business and Technology Valuation
• Project Risk Assessment
• Independent Engineering Reviews
• Quality of Service Analysis

Telecommunications Services

• Independent Analysis and Assessment
• Network Design and Planning
• Fibre Backbones and Network Backhaul
• Fibre Redundancy Rings
• Cellular BTS development & Transmission Masts
• Systems Integration
• Operations and Maintenance
• Telecommunications Management Networks
• Telco Equipment Site Shelters

Consultancy Services

• Needs Analysis
• Technology Evaluation
• Systems Integration
• Corporate Networks
• Rural and Remote Telecommunications
• Carrier Services Benchmarking
• Training
• Technical Marketing
• Manufacturers Representative

Services Offered

After years of monitoring projects, trends and technologies, Bibtech knows the different telecommunications and industrial hardened fibre optic communication products that need to be deployed to make your project successful. These product areas offer customers a wide selection of fibre optic solutions and can be categorized into the following areas:
• Fibre Optic Cable Deployment (Aerial and Underground)
• Underground Closures and Connectivity
• Enterprise and LAN environment Fibre Connectivity.
• Fibre Optic Ethernet Switches & Media Converters
• Fibre Optic Modems & Multiplexers
• Trenching and Ploughing Equipment
• Fast Recovery Self Healing Redundant Fibre Optic Multiplexers/Switches
• Telephone/Leased Line/Intercom Extenders
• Various Mode Converters from Low to High Bit Rates
• Multi-Services Access Platform (MSAP) Series
• Back Up Power Generation
• International Financing & Leasing of Equipment
• Fibre Optic custom leads & Accessories
• FTTP and integration to LAN Enterprise
• Fibre Optic custom cable manufacturing
• Network Deployment & Testing
• Work practises and Training
• PA/GA Interfacing
• Emergency/Evac
• Comms Equipment
• Fibre Optic Backhaul